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My First Post – You Ask Why a Blog?

July 10, 2011

Yes, I have succumbed and decided to enter the blogosphere. Congratulations and/or condolences are in order.

I just attended a fantastic training by the wonderful folks at Aspiration, entitled “Effective Online Advocacy for Grassroots Organizations.” Thank you Matt, Misty & Caroline, or maybe after taking this blog plunge you might have to un-list your phone numbers and change your email addresses. Only kidding. This blogging thing is my choice and my choice alone.

In any event, since I’ve already been sucked into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and lord knows how many other social media and internet connection sites, I might as well use up some more of my time trying my hand at a blog. Like I have all that extra time, right!

So, my idea is to use this site to talk about things like my favorite subject, the activities & issues of the Coalition for Economic Survival. But, it won’t be just limited to that. It will also include my opinions and thoughts on whatever comes into my head, information I come across and whatever I happen to experience.

This blog might continue for a long time, a short time, a month, a week, two days. Who knows? So, ready or not, here goes……………………………



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