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Los Angeles’ Countdown to Carmageddon: Video Spoofs to Prepare

July 14, 2011

The people of Los Angeles may be facing the biggest traffic jam they ever faced as the city prepares for the shut down of the 405 freeway this weekend. The big question is whether motorists will heed the warnings of government officials to stay home, get out of town and, by all means, stay away from the area. That would mean that the 500,000 who travel that route during that time will have to pick one of those options to avoid the pending ‘CARMAGEDDON!’

And what could Carmegeddon look like? How about this.

In the interest of a bit of comic relief, here are some witty videos on the pending disaster. They are all good, but the best, hands down, is the Hitler rant, which puts me in stitches each time I watch it. Nevertheless, I for one, am staying home.

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